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Provide characteristics of your investment thesis, which we match with incoming deals that fit those criteria

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Our dedicated associates are available to support NDA execution with the company you're interested in and share data room access with your team if requested

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Why XChange?

No investment from you, free deal flow from us

Reduce Time to Deal

Vetted database with over 70 transactions across major industries and verticals ranging, from Seed to Series A readily available

Streamlining Process

Tracking your progress from stage to stage, efficiently streamline and digitize the transfer of documents, cutting down on time and miscommunication.

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No credit card or administration fees required

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Why Invest in Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the region. Young population, growing middle class and developing infrastructure.

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Case Study: Strategic Market Entry

First time market entry for diversified manufacturer from China to Vietnam.

Needs Advisory and Onboarding Phase

✓ Market Research & Strategic Recommendation ✓ Sourcing target ✓ Onboarded target

Research Phase

✓ Created offering documents, models and valuation ✓ Created data room ✓ Took the deal to market on XCHANGE

Transaction Marketing Phase

✓ Managed successful transaction end-to-end ✓ Offered post-transaction services

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